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My home is in Dawson County in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains.  The woods I work with come from naturally fallen trees or those who have become the victim of economic development.  There seems to be a never ending supply of oak, box elder, persimmon, pecan, black walnut  and other nut bearing trees.  Since each piece of rough wood is unique, each finished piece is unique and hand crafted with great pride and joy.

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Cherry burl Cean Couch 6-1-13.jpg
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Here is my shop, our house and our dock on Lake Lanier.  The vegetable garden is just down the road.

      Turning a New Bowl


My college degree was in computer science which means I am very detail oriented.  Interestingly enough, this translates very well to wood working!

   Gathering a Cherry Burl

Each bowl started out as a  tree. I found the tree on the ground, cut the logs, brought them home, dried them, turned them, dried them some more, turned them again, finished  them then buffed them.  I love it!

Dividing a Huge Burl


This is a happy day for me when I am planning my next bowl from what I just gathered.

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